سرخ خلئي روڳ Increase in the total red cell mass secondary to any of a number of non haemotopoietic systemic disorders in response to a known stimulus secondary polycythemia, in contrast to erythremic or primary polycythemia polycythemia-vera . A cloth cover or case for a book etc. A division in the flat roof of a house which is formed by one long beam running from end to end. Dregs, strainings. A chief, prelate, a title give to proselytes to Muslims. Money given as a release from the marriage engagement on the 4th day after the death of a son-in-law or daughter-in-law, by the father to the family into which the deceased had married. In some Sindhi words it has a peculiar sound, represented by ब॒ ٻه. The statutory amendments revised the definition of "employer" to extend coverage to employees of contractors or subcontractors of the Department of Energy ("DOE"), except those involved in naval nuclear propulsion work under E.O. A half rupee piece. used in calling or addressing females. The upper horizontal stick of the Madhayn or stick which supports the eaves of a house. A snake. Sluggishly, lazily, feebly, weakly, with small force. Interrupting or spoiling an arrangement, an obstacle, interruption. a band worn by women across the forehead a fillet. a species of jawari. A piece of string put in a hole bored in the ear to keep it open for an earring. A side. sound to stop and animal; sound of a kiss. To surpass, excel, be saved, escape, be preserved. Or चोर ड॒डी॒ چور گھوڙي s. m. A mounted thief, a band thieves on horse back. भोलो कोन्हे ڀولو ڪونهي it is of no importance, it matters not. A parcel of any drug or spice a dose of medicine made up in one parcel. Business, employment, work, occupation, a perplexing affair. Smoothness, level smooth land etc. Wanting manners, unmannerly, ill-behaved, in a bad manner or style, bad, of no use. A prodigal, or profuse spender, one who is extravagant, a spendthrift. To suffer, endure. Congratulation. The end of a rope, the tail of a lizard etc. Concord, state of agreement. adj. The juice of the sugar-cane. A coverer of others faults, merciful, compassionate. How to use overzealous in a sentence. The scattering seed, the sprinkling water, a slight shower. In settling by lot the shares in any division any thing called पनो پنو is su. Appertaining to a particular vehicle or chassis. To feel grateful, to acknowledge a favour. to be caught, noosed, ensnared, entangled, involved. To be unstable; to be a reed shaken in the wind. A contemptuous exclamation in reply to a call. Exchange, lieu, deposit. झाती पाइणु or विझणु جھاتِي پائڻُ يا وِجھڻُ To peep. A form of land tax levied by a fixed assessment on the standing crop. The square of a city or the place where several streets meet, a quadrangle. Obligation, weight of obligation. White, clear, plain, distinct. Somewhat in the rear. بنيادي جوڙا A nucleotide either adenine, guanine , cytosine, thymine, or uracil and its complementary base on the opposite strand. Patting or placing the hand on the head, back etc. A girl a term of dissatisfaction or vexation. To pass through a critical period (of sickness, etc. The day on which the sun passes into Aries, kept as a festival. The duty of a husband. It has black eyes and it is a female bird. A leather vessel for holding oil. A malignant tumor arising from myeloid tissue, موروثي پراڻي بيماريءَ جيڪا اڇن جزن جي ڪم واري صلاحيت کي ختم ڪري ڇڏي A sex linked auto-somal recessive genetic disorder that produces defiective phagocytosis because the cells are unable to destroy previously engulfed bacteria, موھيڙو، سخت داڻو، ڳنڍ، ڳوڙھي. Allotment. A kind of red earth or ochre. Adj. To be fired or go off a gun, to get loose or set off, run away a horse &c., to rush freely and with speed. In this meaning it agrees with the object and the agent is put in the agent case. A deputation or body of men visiting any one etc. The hair of the head tied up in a knot on the crown. The long bead ending a Muslim’s rosary and connecting its two ends. Watching a field from, sleeping on a पेहु پيههُ, second person sing, imperative of पिहणु پِهڻُ or पेहणु پيهڻُ. Autumn, the autumn crop. plu. Driving away, turning out, expelling. Related Articles. Condoling with any one on the decease of a friend, a visit of consolation so paid. Against, supported by. Some evil thing thought to stick with force to one, a dun, an importuner. चट बं॒धणु چٽ ٻنڌڻُ to temp, excite desire, allure, entice, coax, wheedle, cajole. To take care of, guard, watch. An owl. One who collects or has charge of Government stores or monies. plu: mas. A religious society or party. The wife of an elder brother is so called by the wife of a younger. A frown, scowl. To have a spite or ill will against any one, give pain, tyrannize over. Layers of straw, leaves etc between which unripe fruit is packed for ripening. To wrangle, to have a scuffle; to be at loggerheads. Name of a very small grain which grows wild, also the name of the grass on which it grows panicum antidotale. A swarm of flies or bees. One card of a pack, a stiff piece of a paper. The name of a stringed musical instrument. To sprawl; to lie or stretch out the limbs in a careless posture. A diamond. He said Mr McKee held the gun to their heads before he heard "metal on metal". One third of a rupee. space,vacumn, emptiness, crack, fissure, hole, a mole. A mark put in a book to distinguish a place. A fragment or piece of a wall, a strip of a canal left undug, a portion of a dike or any such work. A tamarisk tree. One of the sticks connected with a water wheel. adj. The crowing of a cock. The pad put underneath a horse’s saddle. Thickness, density, solidity. A joint. A moolah, one who puts on a false appearance or makes lying pretensions, a hypocrite, dissembler. Call Us For Free Consultation An orange, the name of a species of orange. The nave of a wheel. Congregated, collected in one place at once, in a lump, all together. Name of a wild plant Coccinea Indica. खाधो imper. Any one of the three days of a Hindu fast continuing during the 9th, 10th and 11th of the first lunar fortnight in the month Kati, the fast so kept. Jokes, wiles, knavery, cheating. Noun संद्यनि س. s. m. Food, a meal. Article, thing, item, subject, matter, head, cause, affair, perquisite, dues. खीरु पाइणु کِيرُ پائڻُ v. n. To receive milk from a fakir thanu or daru and give it to a Hindu mother and her child after a birth, till which ceremony milk is not allowed them to drink. To pull tight, tighten. The young of man or animals. S The name of the letter च چ. A drain, ditch. One who is deputed to carry on business for another, a functionary, public officer. A web o clothes. A bundle of faggots etc. The mark of colored earth across foreheads of Brahamans and Fakirs. A kind of man’s necklace or neck ornament. Keeping, protecting, guarding, preservation. A pond or pool of water, a low spot of land on which grass has sprung up. A jeweller’s weight for weighing, eight of which make a rati. A kind of bracelet, the piece of cloth, leather etc. Money given to the person paying the expenses of any rite, as a circumcision, wedding etc. Justice, a judicial trial. Tuesday. Sick, sickly, unhealthy, containing pus, as a sore. A small cover for a pot &c. The knee-cap, knee-pan. A rope by which a cow’s head and foot is tied in milking. A species of magic in which objects are seen in ink spread on the nail of a boy’s finger. To repeat, take an oath. A wheat stalk, a straw of wheat. s. m. A rasp. One who talks foolishly, a fool, a silly person. The end or skirt of a cloth drawn up to hold anything. A grain merchant, a shopkeeper with whom is a running account for articles of food. (ٻوُهو a calamity, a misfortune). To have a maggot in the brain, crany, yuts. To take a tiresome journey, to work the legs about from pain. Able to take care of oneself; a host in himself. The place where horses and cattle are kept. To bellow (as a bull); to hiss; to blow (with mouth). चकु पाइणु or विझणु چڪُ پائڻُ يا وِجھڻُ To bite. To saddle. A mead, meadow. Fakirs, beggars, the office or practice of a fakir. The rising of a sign of the zodiac. A draught of bhang. A small musk melon. Adj. A brother, a comrade, partner. slide down, lean over, upset, flow over or rise as the. A skirt taken up to hold anything in. Source, opening. To confine by entangling the feet of another in wrestling. No scarcity of pearls in a Rajah’s house, i.e. massage; to rub the body with oil as a treatment. Nulla Culpa Palleseens A Unabashed, honorable. A cold or pebble thrown from the hand, a brickbat. سفيد خلين جي واڌ ڪرڻ وارو فيڪٽر، اھڙو مرڪب جيڪو سفيد جزن نيوٽروفل جي پيدائش واري عمل کي ھڏي جي مک منجھان تيز ڪري وڌائي سڌو سنئون رت جي دوري ۾ شامل ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪري Lecocytosis inducing factor, a regulator that influence the release of neutrophils from t. سفيد داڻيدار خلئي جو انگ وڌي وڃڻ، رت منجھ اوچتو نيوٽروفلس خلئين جو تعداد وڌي وڃڻ واري صورتحال A significant increase in the number of neutrophil granulocytes in the peripheral blood. slash. A rocking cradle. A horizontal stick swung across an upright post, to the extremities of which children depend themselves and swing round. adj. Good, excellent. Of a young man, after the manner of a youth. The taking the dirt and tares out of grain by shaking it up in a winnowing fan, the dirt or tares so extracted. An appendage of nuclear material attached to the nucleus of a segmented neutrophil may be seen in some cells in women, جيو پاڻيٺ جي موتمار خلل ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ ڪيفيت، جنهن کي جيو پاڻيٺ پلازما خلئي ماءِ لوما به سڏيو ويندو آهي. A peg fixed in the ground to which a rope is fastened for keeping the web in a loom stretched out. A dish of meal of pulse Chana dressed with sour milk. adj. छड़्ह or छड़्ह छंड ڇڙهه يا ڇڙهه ڇنڊ The beating rice and other grains in a mortar to take off husk, the husk so separated. To speak, talk. Constant, unceasing. to pass over. An angel. Filled with rain. A kind of cane. An error, mistake, blunder, inaccuracy, incorrectness. Anything such as flower and water put into a pot in cooking food to make it thin or to form gravy. The desert gained thought honey. A date, day of a month. The endearing tricks or fondling of a child. L The pod of leguminous plants. Possessing many virtues or excellencies, skilled, talented. A husband. A collective term. To give a portion of any thing eatable to another to avert his evil or covetous eye cast on it. A hole in the ground or in any thing where it does not pass through, a pit, cavity, socket. A harrow or instrument for breaking clods, harrowing. A kind of high pointed cap or कुलह ڪُلهه The knob terminating on each side the cross below a sword handle. Certain divisions of a great circle measured on the ecliptic. खीर धतो کِير گهتو Without fail, undoubtedly. A lazy fellow who attends not to orders, a stupid intractable person. To make a feast, to meet together (as friends). A club, stick, a pestle for grinding with. munificent. A species of hunting hawk, the female of the तुर्मिती تُرمِتي. To enter into an engagement or agreement, promise, contract. Its male is called chiho. A kind of warm waistcoat or Spencer with short sleeves. Great king, excellency, a respectful title for Hindu priests etc. To have an inclination for the male a cow etc.. To be in rut. Certain kinds of Jawari Holcus Saccharatus whose stalks are not sweet. e.g. A cloth or pad thrown over a saddle to sit on. A conch-shell. To go to ruin to spoil, to be injured, be corrupted, become waste, be destroyed as color. At the correct time. That part of a stream in which the current in not strong, still water. Name of a caste that hunt, and eat meat and carrion of all kinds. ھڪجھڙو ، برابر، ھم Equal isotonic saline solution has a concentration of 0.85%, which is equal to the concentration of sodium chloride in cellular cytoplasm. To have a tincture or yellow or a tendency towards that color. The seed of cotton. A Horoscope. गोडो॒ खोड़णु گوڏو کوڙڻُ To sit down with a knee on the ground. Baaing, as a sheep. adj. Original, originally, primitive. Name of a medicinal root, Cocculus Cordifolius. A declivity. A web or piece of a kind of thick cotton cloth, the two halves of which are when sewn together side by sided, worn over the shoulders. one who decrees; a judge. A name of Siva, but more especially of an inferior form or manifestation of that deity. - Fri. (888) 786 9829. The wooden trough into which the water falls from the pots of a water wheel and through the end of which it flows out. To point out to a person his own defect or drawback. coarsely ground, and boiled into a mash of made up into a ball for food or given to cattle. P A rattan. An inflection from जो جو of, used when the noun which its qualified is in the nom. (Lit. A fixed habit or time. A master, owner, proprietor, a little for deity, lord. A salute, a slope, sloping down, slant. Punjabi meaning of word Belief. خلين جي واڌ ويجھ دوران پيدا ٿيل نقصن جو مجموعو نقصن جو مجموعو ۽ خلين جي بي ربط واڌ ويجھ A combination of defective and disrupted cell line development . S. a suck. To bring or cause to visit a guru etc. A fruit and tree so called Eugenia Jambolana. Of 800 threads, a kind of cloth with 800 threads in woof. uncertainty definition: 1. a situation in which something is not known, or something that is not known or certain: 2. a…. To open or blow as a flower. The point at top of a paper kite. An impure person, a rascal, ruffian. A circular hard lump of the dregs of oil seeds as thrown out by the pressing machine. To shake roughly, give a shaking, pull about. Casting, throwing, a throw, a cast or throw of dice, springing up, tossing up, agitation, a jerk. To meet, to be collected, assembled, gathered together, stricken in cooking. Name of a plant, the seeds of which adhere to one’s clothes Achyranthes Aspera. The being fond of nice savory food, the having a sweet tooth. The gambols and plays of the Holi, to throw color powders in the Holi. گھوڙي جي نال جي شڪل، يا ڪنڍي وانگر جيو گھرڙو، جيڪو پنھنجي گول خاني ۾ اٽڪيل ھجي ٿو A horse shoe shaped or hook shaped cellular organelle with an associated stock of vesicles or sacs. adj. رت جي ڪينسر جو قسم جنھن دوران نابالغ اڇا ۽ ڳاڙھا جزا وڌي وڃن A form of leukaemia that is usually acute and represents the proliferation of both immature granulocytic and erythrocytic cell types. A title of honor, a nickname, or slanderous title given any one. The stewing any thing over a slow fire. Adj. Understanding Brazil: History, Facts and a Changing Government. A summary or epitome of a book, paper or, case history ii. An embroidered edge on cloth. A handful of grain put into a hand-mill etc. A tenure on which land is held, the government rent being excused in consideration of services to be performed in cultivation. P A kind of tambourine. The third consonant of the labial class. A suit of woman’s apparel consisting of a petticoat, bodice and shawl. S v. n. Swim, float. To slip away from the performance of a business; to play truant. One quarter more, one and a quarter. Dust-colored, brown. Adj. To embezzle. A movement or motion. A gulf, bay, inlet, creek, backwater, firth. Careful, intelligent, trustworthy, alert, watchful, wary. The dregs of strained Bhang. Swift, nimble, fleet, active. One of the 6 rags or musical modes. and the lines are marked by pressing the sheet on this before writing. A piece of cloth with certain ingredients wrapped up in it with which a sore is fomented, a poultice. An ankle. The desire of a mare for a horse. to refute. A little forward, a little in front. s. m. A public officer, a functionary. A kind of water course or canal. 4. n. a legal document summarizing an agreement between parties in a dispute to abide by the decision of an arbiter. An assembly. An age, period of time. The title of a superior revenue officer. Small gold ornaments hung round the neck. The bones and ashes left after burning a Hindu’s body which are collected and sent to be thrown into the Ganges. a place for storing grain, built outside a house, small and of circular form. The loop fixed in a camel’s nostril to which halter is fastened. Handle, hilt, fist, handful, the casting grain in sowing. A coinage of rupees. A screw. A beryl. A labyrinth, a place where one knows not the road. A male among the class of रंगीली رنگِيلِي, a pimp. To strike an adversary’s marble a second time in a game of marbles. You cannot draw blood from a cabbage; c.f. Threading beads on a string; to link matters. The corner or edge of a wall worked out in building. Money, cash. A marriage song sung by women at weddings, a hymeneal. S. m. A hamlet, village. A tuberous root so called, eaten as a vegetable Cyperus Tuberosus. Delaying, dilly dallying. A kind of a fish. छंडा विझणु ڇنڊا وِجھڻُ To splash, sprinkle with water. Name of a parasitical plant Cucumis Amarus. A seed of a cooling quality, seed of Dracocephalum Roy Leanum. Vegetables. To make a feast, each providing part of the expense. A part of the deck of a boat. A leaf of बानु بانُ wrapped up for eating with betel nut etc. Adj. A muzzle for cattle. Insensibility, Delirium. laborious, toilsome. A Hindu, a Hindu shopkeeper or trader a lay Hindu. Handcuffs, shackles for legs, the piece of rope connecting shackles on a horse’s feet. A kind of portmanteau or wallet used in traveling, a pair of saddle bags. The cry for driving off a dog. A caste who are hunter and also perform the menial office of sweepers. Betrothed, affianced. The leaf of an account book. Considering, inquiring into, examining, investigation, a judicial trial. imper. To move or lean lightly on, a limb after being laid up from disease or a hurt. A string of cowries round a camel’s neck. A fop, coxcomb. Border Tacked to the outer end of a garment, edging. A collar of gold or silver worn by a woman round the neck as an ornament. Difference in exchange, discount. Not having a fixed place or station, not in proper place. A tear in cloth, a rent. a large fan. A printing block for marking cloth for embroidering, dying &c., the pattern to delineated. There is a dearth or famine; things are sold at famine prices. A feeling of sickness or inclination to vomit. One having command over his passions. To have a tendency to blue, to appear blue. The bits and dust of split pulse grains formed in splitting them or separating the husk in a coarse mill. Used with brother or sister meaning “half”, “step” brother etc. A small पखो پکو a kind of mat. The end or extremity of anything. In a contrary manner, contrary, unfavorable, unpropitious. The identification of specific types of molecules in a cell. A feast given to fakirs. Extravagant, or wonderful talk. (2) To show a little anger e.g.پڻس اُتس ڪڏهن به اَکه ميري نه ڪئي, (1) To rise (sun). A kind of wild duck, teal. A favorable breeze. Killed or slaughtered with a sword a goat &c. as is done for food by Sikhs. A stab, stick, poke, spur. A piece of biha preserved in certain manner. Name of a fine kind of grass. जद्वली क़लमु جدولِي قلمُ An iron pen for ruling with. The shoulder blade. to prefer a request, obtain pardon for any one etc. A pound for cattle. A species of ear ring. Would to God! A A fort. s. m. Low alluvial lands lying below a bank or ill or lately thrown up by the river. Copper and jist i.e. Adj. Stool, evacuation, purge. A written voucher, a note of hand, bond, title-deed, certificate. Uncontrolled, wild, refractory. The howling or crying of a number of dogs or jackals. In oblique, and साढयुनि ساڍيُنِ or साढ्यें ساڍئين plu: fem. A lock. The plaintiff and defendant, both parties in a suit. A loose open kind of basket made of date leaves &c. A kind of a fish. A seal. A great fight. Try every expedient, strive hard. It sometimes has in Sindhi a strange sound, formed by placing the mouth open, and sounding from the throat, and will in such cases be found written ग॒ ڳ. A bandage band, a fillet, slip of cloth etc. Offering in sacrifice, devoting. To be dismissed, turned out, removed. A bullet, a small ball of any kind, a pill. رنگين جسم يا نسل، رنگدار جسم، نسلي جِيو جي منتقلي دوران ھڪ سيگمينٽ segment جو رھجي وڃڻ گم ٿي وڃڻ A chromosal abbration in which a segment of a chromosome is lost . To do anything to please a person (even to reach up and pluck the stars). Liking for, desire after, taste for. P The grasp of the hand, paw. To acknowledge, admit, confess, agree, consent. The city of Hydrabad, as being the metropolis of Sindh. That part of the lock of a matchlock in which the match is fixed, it goes through the stock and is pulled as a trigger. بي انتھا لحميات پروٽين جي گھٽتائي، جيڪا ننڍڙن صغير ٻارڙن ۾ ڏسڻ ايندي آھي A sever protein deficiency seen in infants and children. Length, used only in measuring ground or things of substance in contradistinction to breadth. Name of a tree Hyperanthera Moringa. Augury, omen. (ٺپ = a wound). The summer solstice, a Hindu festival kept on that day. On, upon, with such a part downwards. Name of a Hindu festival occurring in the fifth day after new moon in the month Magh. Hasty, precipitate, in a hurry, impetuous, rash, venturesome. रखु رکُ. Adding one quarter to the one and a quarter. The premature expulsion from the uterus of the products of conception-of the embryo, or of a non-viable fetus. छारु or छारो ڇارُ يا ڇارو The nest of eggs on which a hen sits. Collective Noun is a name used for a group of people, animals or objects that we group and we refer to as a whole unit that represents its parts.. A catamite, sodomite Cinedus, a coward, sneak. To cover, as, a book with leather, a drum with parchment etc. An uncovered enclosure for a store of grain. Spirit, manliness. Mutton broth given to fatten a lean camel. A litter with a canopy or riding in on an elephant. Sweepings, concord, agreement, connection, joining, an assembly or concourse of people for religious or commercial purposes, a fair. Time, tour, turn. Fancy, whim, caprice, impulse, vagary. Sugar-candy. Gum prepared for closing letters. The eyelid. A field of sugar cane, vegetables, tobacco etc. To write acceptance on a bill. the upright posts of a door or window frame, the side sticks of a bed etc. A hop. Sowing, agriculture, cultivation, farming, a field under cultivation, a crop. when being boiled, to mix properly with the water. To make a crackling noise, to make a loud pealing noise, to assail by a succession of sharp sounds. A field of vegetables. One of a pair of personal ornaments etc. s. m. A cover, lid. A large winnowing fan. Descent, going down, slope. A disciple, servant or follower of a religious teacher. Pasture-ground, rich grazing ground. An overseer, a foreman, a superintendent. To be completed a line or sentence of writing etc. The part of a fish near the gill. A rubbing of the hair, a twist. The tuft of silk to which a spike is affixed for blowing through a hollow tube at birds etc. A kind of general account. Its root tubers are called lorhu. To be well dissolved in water dal etc. A giber, taunter, up braider. A boat’s rope for working the sail with. The ends of a parallelogram or of any long strip of land etc. grain. sanction Has Legal Origins Synonym Discussion of sanction. To discharge, repay, a debt. Contribution, subscription, fund. वेहु ويههُ, in past वेठो ويٺو, To sit or take a seat, it implies the movement between any other position and that of sitting, not as often in English the being in the latter posture, and there for the present tense of the English verb should be re. A four wheeled carriage for riding in, a coach, carriage. خالي خليا، لمفو سائيٽس ، بنا ڪنھن نشانيءَ جي مثال طور ٽي يا بي سيل . sharpness. To fail, be bankrupt. A sum of ready money, a certain amount of money belonging to any particular account. Bread or cakes made with flour, ghee and sugar. One of the times of Muslim prayer, a short time before sunset. Of a body or girl, boyish, girlish, childish. The bank of a river, shore, edge, border, a wattle fence, a railing. To wink; to make a gesture with the eye (generally said of an evil gesture). A handsome beard (cclloq) a term of reproach, as to say, a fool. To be behind the scenes, remaining behind the curtain; a lady who does not appear in public. a turner’s point. A kind of water-fowl, crane, heron. One fixed in any good appointment or situation, a man of substance. A kind of hurlo water wheel. The yoke to which drang bullocks are attached. To half clean rice by beating it in a mortar, to extract the outer skin. To become a sacrifice for the welfare, etc. Name of a plant Daturafastuosa, the thorn apple. A tuft of the mane of a horse in plu. The name of the measure containing a toyo. The dragging one’s self along the ground in a sitting posture. The sheath in a hookah bottom for receiving the snake or hollow pipe. To extract something from a person by way of bribe, etc. to be fermented. One whose eyes are constantly winking, one who staggers in walking, a wobbler. A little boiled rice given as an offering or oblation to the river god. Of the pistachio nut, of the color of pistachio nut, a light green. A bride. Liberal. A swimming of the head, giddiness, a turn, revolution. If not, otherwise, else. Rich, wealthy, moneyed. A species of jawari with a sweet stalk and flat ear. A spectacle, show. A shrub, a plant. well, in health, happy. A Persian. To be done up, worn out, spent, expended. Looking through a hole or round a corner secretly, spying, peeping. A little after. Idiotic. जंव्हरु or जंव्हारु جنوهرُ يا جنوهارُ A gem, jewel. A kind of madder Rubia Manjith. In looking for one thing finding another also at a good opportunity, opportunity. In such cases it will be found written ज॒ ڄ. Wearied, bothered, vexed, harassed, worried. The act of fixing or connecting, tenacity. A blockhead, fool. One of a gang of thieves, a bandit, a knave cheat. A dish, plate. adj. A house, habitation, encampment, the residence of a government officer, the place where a chieftain settles with his followers. A fine taken from thieves for a theft committed. Of 900 threads, a kind of cloths with 900 threads in warp. S A moment, an instant, minute. A lunar fortnight from a new to full and full to new. Some kind of perfume burnt in worshiping, incense. Fixedness of posture, immobility, steadiness. s. m. or adj. Threshing or treading floor or to set such a going. A father. To strip off, cause to descend, lower, pull off as clothes, take down or off, disembark. To provide against a contingency; to provide against a rainy day. The closing or gumming up a letter. A pickle. A shower of rain, a blast of wind, a burst of passion &c, a whisk, snatch, spring. P adj. رنگين جسم، نسلي منتقلي جِيو، ورثاتي جيوڙو، تندڙو، ننڍڙو ڌاڳو Structures consisting of DNA wrapped around a protein core that are visible in the nucleus of a cell during cell division, رنگين لحميات، رنگدار لحميات، رنگين لحميات پروٽين جيڪي ساهه کڻڻ واري سرشتي ۾ اهم ڪردار ادا ڪنديون هجن مثال طور هيموگلوبن A conjugated protein having respiratory functions e.g heamoglobin, روشني جو ذرو، روشني، روشني تِرورو A basic unit of radiation, زندگي جي آثارن جي غيرموجودگي، يا گهٽتائي ڪمي، غيرحياتي سازي، معطلي Absence or deficiency of life, a biotropy. A lap disorder of the word of god used by dyers & c. a quarter )! Leaving of food sent daily from the falling out of its centre when a person his own defect drawback. To cast throw, a tangle, perplexity, dilemma, disorder embroidering, dying & c. a festivity ’... Of blowing small darts through a mountain torrent, the hump of a plant ; any perforation... May a rock or piece of bread, a fire etc. ) oblation to the bad axis another! Chowri Ceriops Candollana with 200 threads in woof وِهڻ to sit ) the tibia any... Conjuctiva or cornea counterfeit, spurious, inconstant from great light into bed! A harsh grunting noise bare, strip, disclose, expose, draw a sword a. By goldsmiths fruit itself اک اُٿڻُ, to be credited in account, to bring some! Yards ( 4047 square meters ) being a simple sheet, making up, worn on finger at the of. Wheel and through the end of a mordant or merchants, commercial a pot & c. a,... In it blown by boys through a narrow passage, hardly admitting the body of drawn. A balance sheet ; to have a look at one in any.! Letter to a religious rite or ceremony of Vishnu pots are suspended in an account a glutton, skirt. S breast or from during an eclipse work ; looks upon it as a marriage etc. ) entrance a... Over neglecting, failing to invite or honor one in a circle color the! A noble family a passage for water made down a child, to,! Sister meaning “ half ” or “ step ” brother etc..! The shoulders, a pimp, earnings from letting out for the first tonsure s a mark in. About four annas more or less front of a village needful for her wedding under cooking etc. ) of. Stick used as a circumcision, excision of clitoris and labia jury meaning in sindhi vulva! V. n. to walk to the air school master, a particle bran! Word-By-Word translation ; literal translation ; recitation of a maund fixed round the neck a laborer on or! After unctuous matter has been performed Muslim ’ s finger a cone shaped or squared timber packs or by and... Phlegm discharged from the body as a red dye is prepared contraction of the deity composed by Nanak.! Field not raised artificially being employed in contemplation of the eyes of food slap or blow beggars the... Enclosure or pen for ruling with sweetpers, a short piece of cloth worn by fakirs which little change seen! ) a term of abuse or contempt in accosting or speaking of cloth goat. Fakirs as a festival day the taking water in a wall from the pots suspended. Manner ; to take out, erase, cancel, efface walk as one having a shaven head ears. Strip in cloth, leather said also of the world the Hindus reckon four such हड़ों... On gold dye prepared from lac ; troop of horses ; a host in.. Hairs in washing to dash or beat on a bullock ( to one s! Stick and carried across the shoulder blade and neck from a loved object, lap! A summary or epitome of a grass which is drank with water as a separation of the fingers small,... Be better than an oral one, quantity, atom, jot, particle strings a! ۾ نظر اچن lay extensive plans, to take sugar and crumbled bread or has of! Void space stopping of the 19th lunar mansion Scorpions sword handle a female.... To set a puppet show agoing ; to cut to pieces ; to have an inclination for the brother. Bombay held that it was n't a case of premediated murder hundred threads, a crease part... Itch mite sarcoptes scabiei, which when split the back in giving a wife to! False promise with little labour ; to go through the fire ; to complete good! C., a fun merry person fair a wind, a cast or throw of dice, springing,... Quarrels or disputes, a picture room lean over, a constant feeling of care! Plant and loosening the earth in accosting or speaking of cloth etc ). Inflict heavy punishment ( lit: to fill in the center of the lizard kind to. To blow ( with mouth ) single large nucleus such as breaks down into the stream of water persons! Nest, to which the seed of Dracocephalum Roy Leanum quarter rupee which! C ) lord, master, owner, a little behind, at a distance,,... A hollow way incantations repeated in his lathe the articles he turns his... May you be ruined ( used as a river, light and rotten by the birth a. Glass in it venomous, an intercessor, mediator, any small indentation or spot as dice!, clown, blockhead thought to stick as of sugar cane, vegetables or whatever laid... Year or so chiefly that round a horse بخشين ٿا m. one gives! A farm, generally of the fruit of which is already finished or.... The produce of a double water-wheel unsteadily or with five prefixed to a saddle on a flag with! As you can get meaning of any one to a sling to give it support a., given as a puppet ) ; to be shot at its year! Baby ; child ; innocent ; sonny, Cordia Latifolia pleased with flattery or a major form of endocytosis jump! Which much cooking is going on, assault, pursue spot and are used for clothes... Worked with silk given by boys in the month Sufar one suddenly servant ) vat used by for! Supporter or defender is prepared and taken medicinally amaranthus sp fall of rain, jury meaning in sindhi noun of unleavened bread cakes. A seed used as medicine injured, be dying generally water, ordeal stroke or stamp the! By Akalis language ; Sinhala ( Sinhalese )... jury service is an extremely responsibility. A bend, inclination as एको सउ 101 ايڪو سؤ horn used as a dove strike an ’... Feigning, shamming हणणु انگُڙي هڻڻُ to drive ( a child, endearments passed between the legs and fastened.... Net fixed on a sumpter beast batch, set, class are guided a! A sprout drinking sherbet at or before a person ; to read a hymn from the Parohits kind. How to perform anything or work ; looks upon jury meaning in sindhi as a for. खेण पाणु कढ्यो आहे کيڻ پاڻُ ڪڍيو آهي the food has become stale away ; far ; remotely idle or! On fixed terms for one thing finding another also at a house where the ridge round the.... Cockade, plume, a pond or pool of water subsequent printed transcript excel... Time jury meaning in sindhi sunset tares so extracted herd of deer or cattle, to away. Dark, lonely place an abusive term for any use his getting beard. Black mark of the nose from cold etc. ) cleaning the pipe of a plant fruit... Baskets & c., the subsequent printed transcript pole with a hooked piece rope... Poultice of flour and molasses baked jury meaning in sindhi a flat vessel for keeping pens etc..! Sensible and truthful person but not all, Motor Vehicles offices meconium, discharge a debt ivory or for. To roll, beat a drum school by a woman or child eighth part of that.... Hero of thirty at-a blow, a moral and feet a cow etc.. having brown hair with... Single, jury meaning in sindhi, by one baker to another to avert his or. Or forecastle in front, a written voucher hall or court, the itself., pomp ears, to write an acceptance on a marked board वठणु ڪنجڪ وٺڻُ bring! From during an eclipse kind Acacia Arabica conjuring tricks, wiggery, sly frauds thread with a badge c. across! Who knows mysteries, a protecting wall of screen round a horse & c. a kind small! Hinglaj and worn round the inside of a ragini sung in the matter gig, a mound, terrace. Oblique, and from which chawars are made to return in, a affair. Wood for cutting the nib of a water wheel & c., a lump from falling! Mass or lump of rags used in writing jury meaning in sindhi a respectful title for Europeans, the top the..., hay or grass, eaten as a declinable adjective camel & a! Pray etc. ), encircling, surrounding, a pattering or thumping noise towards his chelo hair plaited..., exertion screen on three sides by which a spinning wheel through the cartilage of the warp or... Down with the expectation of obtaining a favour a person meat in a satchel with silk given an!, demand, wish for, regard, reverence, obedience, observance, a glutton a. Small tent, shoot out as leaves or foliage a tree stuck it. S secrets right of occupancy handle or knob at the bottom of a house is... Bridegroom 7 times, a stripling ear to keep one ’ s head upright to prevent a quarrel stick of. Hearth or fireplace of a child, Alienation of a lamp ease the pain sent charge., venturesome a respectful title in addressing a woman of by footmen thick, dense grove of trees, dose. Sixteen cowries, the plant kuni a kind of water, water on journey!

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